Basic Tips

Entry : Do not obstruct and block the main door. A tree, a pole, a streetlight exactly in front of the main door is unfavorable. It weakens the quality of the Qi entering the house. The entry is « the Qi mouth » where all the outside energies come into a place. Therefore the main entrance shall be kept cleared.

No visible trash, car shells, dead trees beside the house. They reduce overall energy of the house.

Put a plant close to your computer or TV to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiations. The Wood element soothes a room atmosphere filled with technological equipment, which is hard, a little too « Yang ». Cristals and salted lamps also balance and soften the electromagnetic radiation of electronic devices in your living room, office or study room. Put them near a computer, a television.

Yang rooms (kitchen, living room, dining room, lobby) are the social and lively places in a house and are usually at the front of the house. Yin rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms) are also at the rear of the house.

The environmental forms, materials and colors influence our vital energy. Feng Shui likes cleanliness, order and arrangement, round shapes, light and beauty. It is the enemy of dirt, the accumulation of clutter, sharp corners, nooks and darkness.

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