Guide to the Feng Shui Compass

A Compendium of Classical Feng Shui

A compendium of Classical feng shui including a short history of feng shui and a detailed description of 72 rings of the lo p'an. Material never before available in English…and difficult to find even in Chinese. How to read the San He and San Yuan lo p'an, with an explanation of each ring in detail, the history and background of feng shui and the lo p'an (luo pan). This large book is 448 pages in size, and packed with information which is very clearly explained, so that after reading it anyone should be comfortable using even the most complex lo p'an. This book is the result of 30 years of research and practice. More than 50 rings are illustrated, tabulated, and classified by Plate and School, with their use and history. Anyone reading the book can go from being a complete novice to complete familiarity with any lo p'an, ancient or modern that they may pick up. It clearly explains for the first time in English how feng shui developed and the relationship between San He and San Yuan. The illustrations include rare pictures and analyses of Ming and Ch'ing dynasty lo p'ans. Every technical term, book title or person's name is carefully footnoted in traditional Chinese characters with supporting pinyin and Wade-Giles transliterations. There is a also a detailed feng shui time line. 448 pages, Hardback with dust jacket 65 Tables, 174 Illustration, 32 Colour Plates.

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