Qi (pronounced "Ch'i"), is the cosmic vital energetic influence. It fills in all things and beings in the universe. “Qi” is a principle of vital energy inside our body, it is also used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture, martial arts (Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Shiatsu, Kung Fu ...).

There are different qualities of Qi. There the beneficial Qi or “Sheng Qi” and the damaging Qi or “Sha Qi”. For a good Feng Shui, we need the right amount of auspicious Qi and avoid the inauspicious or Sha Qi.

Qi moves around us like a stream or a river flowing, channeled by landforms, buildings, and hills. It is the speed of this movement (or lack) that helps or harms us. To get a beneficial Feng Shui, we need to find the type of Qi in which we feel comfortable and at peace.

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