The Feng Shui checklist before buying a house

Do you want to be successful in buying a home ? Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement can help you. When you buy an harmonious land and house for you and your family according to Feng Shui principles your life is better day after day.

You need to check :

1. The environment : avoid bad Feng Shui in the surroundings of the house such as pylons and aggressive angles pointing to the house, damaged buildings or lands, degraded rivers and roads nearby… Be very careful with rivers and roads at the back of the property.

2. The property : be careful with steep slopes on the land of the property and the location of the house on the slope.

3. The house : a house with a simple, square or rectangular shape is better than an incomplete and complicated form for instance a L or T shape.

4. The entrance of the house : must be open, clean and clear. A lot of trees too close to the house reduces the level of energy of the house.

5. The Interior : the lobby must be large and not overstocked. The "heavenly heart" of the house shall be empty. Be careful with sharp edges and beams that diminish the fluidity of space and the Qi flow.

This checklist does not preclude from further and personalized analysis using advanced Feng Shui Formulas. This will help you avoiding other Feng Shui mistakes when buying a house and will help improving your wellbeing and your prosperity day after day.

Florence Ricaud

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