The Five essential criteria of a Feng Shui bedroom

Is your bedroom "Feng Shui" ? Bed location, Television, colors on the walls ... Feng Shui is the art of living in harmony with its environment. Let’s focus with a Classical Practitioner on the main criteria of a " Feng Shui" room.

Fluidity of space. "The first important rule is to avoid mess and clutter in your bedroom," says Florence Ricaud Feng Shui Consultant. "Belongings must be stored into closed cupboards not lying on open shelves as the apparent mess disturbs the room atmosphere. "The bedroom entrance must be clear and easy to walk from bed to furniture and from door to window for example."

Avoid beam above your bed. The location of the bed inside the bedroom is very important. Your bed "should never be placed under a beam. A beam cuts off the flow of energy, it causes pressure onto the body lying on the bed" she says. But if ... "The advice is to move your bed to another area."

No corner of furniture or wall angle pointing at the bed ... Bedside tables, wardrobe and other furniture, wall angles ... "We must be careful and avoid furniture with angles pointing at the bed. It blocks the energy from flowing freely. " The right solution ? Move the furniture so that the corner is not pointing at your bed. "

TV inside the bedroom yes, but ... " Feng shui means balance between Yin and Yang," says Florence Ricaud. Yin refers to femininity, flexibility, softness, darkness. Yang means masculinity, hard, brightness, heat. A bedroom is rather a yin room, however, the room must be balanced between Yin and Yang. It is the same for electronic devices. Therefore, you can put a TV inside your bedroom but they must be not too large or predominant.

Which colors can you choose for your bedroom ? "Cannot answer without a personalized study," retorts Florence Ricaud. "The Feng Shui audit is based on the house facing, the energies that flow inside the house, bedroom and people who live in the house. According to these parameters it is possible to choose which element and then which color can support you in a particular room. " Between Water, Metal, Wood, Earth and Fire.

And what about children bedrooms ? The criteria will be the same as for an adult bedroom : fluidity of space, location of bed. "However, don’t forget that a child's bedroom is often a game room and a Yang area so we don’t focus so much on tidying up ..."

Interview and written in French by David Picot

Published by Emmanuel Ducreuzet for Destination Santé

Florence Ricaud Classical Feng Shui Consultant
Yap Cheng Hai Academy Accredited Instructor in France

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