The Power of Water in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Qi (pronounce Ch'i) is the cosmic and vital energy. The Qi is dissipated by wind and channeled by Water. Water is the strongest force in Feng Shui.

Water in Feng Shui symbolizes wealth and abundance. Water fertilizes earth. Water is the origin of life and is associated with purification rituals.

The Qi is strongest with a large expand of Water. Water is particularly powerful in rivers, oceans and lakes.

A stream has a Yang nature. It is linked with daily and visible activities. Water can also be deep and unfathomable. Its devastating power can cause huge damages (tsunamis, dam breaks ...).

Water nature and its strong Yang movement accentuates the consequences of a beneficial or harmful configuration. That’s why Water shall be used cautiously. If you have doubts about it, do not put water. If you exacerbate a bad sector with Water, it can give more negative energy and can cause irreversible harmful consequences.

Water in the Five Elements cycles (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood) :

Water is harmonious when : Water meets metal to filter what metal hoards.

Water controls Fire.

Earth prevents Water from sinking into autism, but its excess can prevent from capitalizing on long term. Water element is happy when it finds a timber that prevents Earth element dry movement and when it can nurse its imagination.

Too much water can cause retention problems and lack of shape of Water can lead to confusion, blurred things, no communication.

Lack of water corresponds to a lack of vital energy, lack of composure, existential fear and decay.

Water at home :

It is essential to keep a pure and clean Qi at home. The kitchen, bathroom and toilets are very vulnerables places, weakened by runny water. These rooms must always be dry, clean and well ventilated. Always look after water leaks and quickly repair them to prevent money leaks ! Also avoid putting water near a heat source (a fireplace or a stove). It is essential. Water and Fire elements destroy each other. Water needs, above all, balance. Too much water can transform good Feng Shui into bad Feng Shui.

Water is also a very important factor in sophisticated Water formulas used by Feng Shui Masters. Water can bring great prosperity and wealth. It is necessary to measure with accuracy the house facing and to find a correct direction for water entry and water exit, direction of the water flow (right to left or left to right ) in your garden, to create wealth and prosperity for several generations. An inaccurate door measure or inaccurate water entry measure, or even a badly oriented natural water flow can cause damages and troubles.

Water shall always be handled with care. When you have a doubt, ask a Feng Shui Expert advice. Consultation fees will be largely compensated by the good energy provided by a fountain, an artificial water flow or a small water pond with fishes at the right place in your garden ... It can bring you great wealth and prosperity.

It is not recommended to play with Water and to put it in the garden by yourself, using beginners’ Feng Shui books, if you don't know advanced Feng Shui Water Formulas. You can make mistakes and incur negative consequences.

Florence Ricaud

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