Feng Shui, a modern tool for Business

A growing number of companies are getting involved in Feng Shui to enhance and harmonize their business and working spaces. Asian companies usually ask a Feng Shui expert to find the best location for their headquarters and offices.
Today, Western companies have understood the importance of this ancient science. BodyShop, British Airways, HSBC, Aeroports de Paris, Total have used the knowledge of a Feng Shui expert. More than a fancy, these companies use Feng Shui as a strategic weapon, in a contemporary background and in the dynamics of business life.


I have traveled to Southeast Asia and studied the achievements of Feng Shui masters for offices, shopping malls, hotels and resorts and casinos. In Singapore, the biggest financial city in the world, advanced Feng Shui formulas used by all major local decision-makers today, bring a lot of money and prosperity to this city-state built of metal (buildings) and water (the China Sea).

Feng Shui helps to harmonize the workplace for company leaders and their employees. It has a direct influence on the prosperity of the company, its profitability and the quality of work. It also helps to improve relationships at work and to reduce absenteeism.

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