Feng Shui : is your entrance door lucky in 2016 ?

If the entrance door 前 门 of your house, apartment, office or shop is in the following sector in 2016 :

West 西方 : emotional troubles. Place the fire element to calm down.

Southeast 巽 or 东南 : beneficial. Academic achievement, romance.

North 坎 or 北 : attack, injuries. Place water element (blue and black wave shapes) to soothe.

Northwest 乾 or 西北 : quarrels, lawsuits. Place Fire element to balance.

Southwest 坤 or 西南 : very good year : money luck, many opportunities.

East 震 or 东 : renown, festivals.

Northeast 艮 or 東北 : loss of money or income. Put a cure salt water cure or metal element.

South 離 or 南: mugging, injuries. Place water element (blue and black, wave shapes).

Florence Ricaud
Feng Shui Master Practitioner
Yap Cheng Hai Academy accredited instructor

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