2017 Feng Shui Annual Flying Stars and Afflictions at home

"Flying Stars" are not strictly speaking stars, they have no link with astronomy or astrology. It is just a vivid symbol to explain the energies found in the house. "Annual" Stars, as their name suggest, "fly" and change their areas in the house each year, usually on February 4 (this year 2017 on February 3). Do not get confused with Solar Calendar that starts on 4 February, and Lunar Calendar (Celebrating Chinese New Year on 28 January of the Rooster Ting You 丁酉). 

Each new solar year, starting on 3 or 4 February, annual stars move to different sectors. On 2017 February 3rd, according to the beneficial or malevolent nature of the Star (energy), you should place special cures in some areas and be sure to replace them every year. Each Star correspond to one of the Five Elements in Feng Shui (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood). You can use the producing and weakening Five Elements cycles to enhance beneficial energies and protect yourself from bad energies.

Three sectors are to take mostly into account in 2017 : the East with the beneficial 8 Star that brings a lot of prosperity but is unfortunately mixed this year with the annual Affliction Sui Po and also the Three Killings aka San Sha, the South with the malevolent 5 Yellow Star, and eventually the West sector with the annual Affliction Tai Sui (deity of the year). Better leave the East, South and West sectors quiet this year. 

These tips are only for the 2017 year. The annual Flying Stars have less influence than the original Flying Stars chart of your house. This original chart is established according to each house, depending on the Period and the facing of the house. Please ask a serious classical Feng Shui master to make a comprehensive audit for your house or office. 

Kan 1 White Star visits the Center palace 

Kan 1 is a water element Star. It is a beneficial star in period 8 (2004 - 2024) especially for study, academic achievements, career and romance. The Center is neutral, so the 1 White Star has no influence this year, you don't need to put any cure there. 

Kun 2 Black Star is in the Northwest.

It is not a nice area at all this year. It can bring in wealth problems, bad luck, stress, stomach and digestive problems, gossip, back stabbing and distress in that sector this year.

- If your bathroom, utility room, or other less important room is in the Northwest area, it has no bad effect.

- Place a round metal object if it is a main room there or white, grey colour because the Metal Element exhausts the bad Earth of the Star 2.

- Avoid using red colour, candles or bright lights. Put white, silver, gold in decoration.

Zhen 3 Jade Star is in the West sector in 2017. 

It is an untimely star so be aware of potential theft, agruments, backstabbing, loss of wealth, loss of time and energy, legal problems especially if you have a main door or important room in the West. It can also affect the lungs, liver, limbs. 

• Use red color in decoration, also red symbol as decorative objects, such as candles, lamps.

Moreover the star 3 is marred in the West in 2017 with the Tai Sui or Grand Duke / Jupiter, annual affliction that can cause discomfort and lead to sudden misfortune.
Do not disturb the ground in the West. If your main door faces Southwest be careful this year and do not renovate or dig in this area. Do not face this direction.
Please don’t make building work in the East in 2017, unless a Feng Shui professional calculates your auspicious dates to start renovation at home. 

Xun 4 Green Star is visiting the Northeast sector

In Period 8 (2004-2024) it is an untimely Star and it can bring loss of properties, scandals. 

Use red as decorative objects, such as carpets, candles, lamps to exhaust the 4 Xun Star. 

- Avoid water in that sector. Water brings adultery, flirt. 

- Remove metal cures from the 2016 cures in the Northeast. 

5 Yellow Star sits in the South sector.  

The South sector is a trouble area in 2017 and it can bring in loss of wealth, legal problems and disasters, especially if your main door or an important room is in the South. 

- If your bathroom, toilet, wardrobe is located here, the negative power of 5 Star is not activated. 

- Do not decorate with red or earth colours, candles.

- Place a salt water cure there. 

Please don’t make building work in the South, unless a Feng Shui professional calculates your auspicious dates to start renovation at home.
Qian 6 White Star flies into the North sector.
The 6 White Star is untimely in Period 8. It can cause loneliness especially for men, robbery and thief.
• Use blue and black in decoration to weaken the 6 Metal Star

Dui 7 Red Star in the Southwest.  

The 7 quarrelsome Star has a negative influence in Period 8. This is a fighting Star that can cause problems : assault, violence and robbery, high risk of burglary, deception, gossip and back stabbing. This area is not good for writers, artist or children studying. Water Element will help to neutralize its negative effects. 

- You can put blue or black colours like carpets, cushions, blankets… in that area to weaken the bad star 7 Metal.

Gen 8 White Star is in the East palace 

The 8 annual Star is the most auspicious Flying Star in Period 8 (2004-2024), so the East sector is supposed to be the wealthiest area in 2017. Wealth, fame, romance, distinction can be expected if you have a main door or an office, bedroom in the East in 2017.

- Hang crystal quartz, or a crystal sphere in the East. It’s also a good study area, placing a crystal there can be good for concentration. 

- Do not put metal in the East as it will weaken the good earth of 8 star

- Keep this area clutter free.

- Introduce fire and earth colours (yellow, orange, brown, taupe) into the area, bed covers, rugs, table covers, sofa throws... Avoid blue and black colours. 

However the East sector can bring in ill temperaments, relationship troubles as we have two annual afflictions there in 2017 because of the Sui Po aka Year Clash / Year Breaker marred with San Sha i.e. Three Killings mainly located in the East in 2017, so they both can affect your wealth and luck. You must not make ground-breaking work, renovations or noisy activities. Do not sit in that sector or face that direction. Do not disturb the ground in the East in 2017. Do not dig holes in your house, avoid noisy and loud music and devices in this area inside your house. Avoid refurbishment. Once disturbed, the Three Killing can bring bad luck, money loss, illness

In conclusion, the East is a mixed sector in 2017. 
Li 9 Purple Star is found in the Southeast sector. 

The 9 Star is the Star of future wealth and is auspicious in Period 8. Career opportunities and promotions can be expected if you have a main door, bedroom or office in the Southeast in 2017. It can bring in fame and acknowledgement, growth and improvement. This is a good area especially for children to study there. Couples with a bedroom in the Southeast can also enjoy good relationships in 2017. There may also be a chance of producing intelligent children. 

- Put fresh flowers, plants, in the Southeast area this year.

- In furnishing or decoration, introduce green and / or red colours (red, pink and purple).

Please keep it real. The degree in which you are affected by these energies vary from person to person. Your personal efforts (Man) to make the most of this Fire Rooster year play an important role. Your life’s path (Heaven) indicates how prosperous this year will be for you. Keep in mind the Chinese philosophy of Heaven, Man and Earth. Use the Feng Shui information (Earth) to lessen the effect of unfavourable energies. Please do not start worrying if your bedroom or office is located in the South this year 2017.

Florence Ricaud

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